SkyBlueSun – Exploring Microtones Through Abstract Sensations

San Francisco, LA based Fine Artist Evan Kilmartin released his latest project – SkyBlueSun recently. He presented 3 experimental audio pieces through SoundCloud, which were inspired by his explorations on the sound qualities and dynamics of his selection of material and environment.

“I’m playing an instrument called the ‘Octachime’ I built around the process that is my passion through a whammy pedal and microcube with multiple effects. Love is that which truly inspires, it bears an infinite volume of suchness enfolded within the flame of the living moment burning a continuous, dynamic, omnipresent now humming superposed breath… It’s totally seeing the flowering from honest to goodness emptiness that is.” – Evan Kilmartin

There is a story about how all these philosophies come fruition, but what strikes him into the practical aspect of SkyBlueSun is he found by playing through a monolog of eight tones, cuts of brass pipe resounding on the action of a striker moved by the subjective rendering of the artist’s view can audibilize his philosophy and feelings. “It’s all dialogue flowing like a sky, an ocean, a river, a garden, any degree of resolution depicting the magnificent chrysalis carcass of chaos, echoing the supreme shape of spirit that exists without beginning,” Evan described.

A dialogue of the environment reduced 2 eights loosely in directional terms who fade into silence having sounded, and flash into sounds from silence’s milling. The SkyBlueSun was also inspired by ancient Chinese divination text “I Ching”, the spirit of Aikido and Zen as well as the writing of English philosopher Alfred North Whitehead and Beethoven’s music.

( Title page of a Song dynasty (c. 1100) edition of the I Ching)


Jëff Yoika

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