“Steve Reiching” with Modular Synths

Make Noise is a well-known modular synthesizer manufacturer based in Ashville, NC. They recently demonstrated the Clapping Music by Steve Reich with 3 Renés and 2 Morphangenes.

Renés is a Sequencer that is Manufactured by Make Noise. It uses the Cartesian coordinate system to operate which means it sequences signals regarding the location of the grids rather than sequencing through steps. In the Clapping music video, the 3 Renés were being used to sequence sound signals from the oscillators in order to create the repeated patterns of the short sound waves. Then route them into the Mophangenes. the Morphangene is a tape and microsound module that gives musicians the ability to perform with undiscovered microtones from their selection of sound sources.

Clapping Music is a minimal piece that was written by Steve Reich in 1972, The whole piece is performed entirely by clapping. The challenging part of the performance is that 2 performers have to clap in different time signatures, which resulting in a phase. The phase would cause confusions on such simple clappings. But with the modular synths, it switches the performance from “challenge” to “fun to play with”.

Jëff Yoika

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