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“Steve Reiching” with Modular Synths

Make Noise is a well-known modular synthesizer manufacturer based in Ashville, NC. They recently demonstrated the Clapping Music by Steve Reich with 3 Renés and 2 Morphangenes. Renés is a Sequencer that is Manufactured by Make Noise. It uses the Cartesian coordinate system to operate which means it sequences signals regarding the location of the grids rather […]

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SkyBlueSun – Exploring Microtones Through Abstract Sensations

San Francisco, LA based Fine Artist Evan Kilmartin released his latest project – SkyBlueSun recently. He presented 3 experimental audio pieces through SoundCloud, which were inspired by his explorations on the sound qualities and dynamics of his selection of material and environment. “I’m playing an instrument called the ‘Octachime’ I built around the process that […]

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